Thursday, January 14, 2010

True Up

I just read about this great giveaway on True Up and I thought this would be an wonderful way to start my new blog tour - by trying to win a gift certificate for fabric to try some new fun projects. So here it goes - my favorites:

1. Favorite Quilting Weight - Jennifer Paganelli (Sis Boom ), Flower Power. I love the colors and have one yard of the turquoise Stephanie that I'm saving for the perfect project. I also love Anna Marie Horner (Little Folks) and Heather Bailey (Nicey Jane).

2. Favorite Overall Designer - Heather Bailey, Anna Marie Horner and so many other - hard to narrow down but I seem to be drawn to these two.

3. Favorite New Fabric I worked with this year - Moda, (Momo, Wonderland) - I'm saving my yard of tweedle dee until I find a great summer dress or skirt pattern for my little one.

4. Favorite Organic - Betz White, Family Cottage - just been admiring this on her blog.

5. Favorite Juvenile Print - Heather Ross (Far, Far Away) - I don't have this yet but I really need to get it to make something, anything for my two little girls.

6. Wildcard - Favorite New Fabric I want to use to make a throw - Anna Marie Horner - Folksy Flannel

7. Favorite Floral - Amy Butler (Love) - I love the deep colors that she uses.

8. Favorite Print from Japan (besides Far, Far Away which I already used to answer #5) - Echino Spring 2009.

9. Favorite Novelty - Alexander Henry (Good Earth) - thought I could make some fun bags - maybe a messenger bag for school with this.

10. Favorite Home Decor - Anna Marie Horner's Drawing Room - I need to replace the plain black fabric chair pads on my dining room chairs and I am definitely eyeing nouveau bouqet or pressed flowers.

I'm also looking forward to trying to create my own fabric using techniques in some new fabric printing books I recently purchased.

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